Auto Repeat Interval code

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is it possible to hard code the Auto Repeat Interval function ?
i knew there is a features to set up auto repeat interval with manually , but in this case how do on the script.
e.g auto repeat interval for 5min.

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Auto-repeat as everything in Analysis is part of Analysis PROJECT file (.APX), so save project file instead of “hard coding”.

thanks for the suggestion TJ ,
another things i would like to know , does the scanning / auto analysis processing using sequence or simultaneous method while doing the scan/explorer for several afl ?
suppose i run 3 afl with difference condition and put in <include>folder the afl with create a difference output text file names, how will be the processing . does it will be read all the afl together or one by one.


Analysis windows run independently. So for example If you have x Explorations running every n seconds/minutes (using Auto-repeat function) it might happen that some of them (at a certain point) will be running at the same time.

If you want to sequence various Analysis runs, or do something after Scan/Exploration is finished, you can achieve that in (at least) two ways:

  1. Using BATCH window. I quote:

The Batch window was introduced in version 6.20 and allows to automate repetitive tasks. Now the user can easily define and automatically run sequences of Analysis operations such as scan, exploration, backtest and optimization and file export. Previously such automation was available only for programmers by means of OLE automation. Now it is available to everyone via easy-to-use interface.

  1. Using OLE automation interface - which is provided to control AmiBroker from the OUTSIDE process (such as windows scripting host)

You might find additional information in these threads:

Thanks Milosz i ll take look .

Hi, my question is related to running multiple explorations. It seems if the I load multiple .apx files with shared parameters names (but different parameter values), the last loaded value sets is applied to all. I am not sure if this is intended as such, or I am doing something wrong. Thanks.

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