Auto Size Chart Panes

Auto sizing or autoscaling CHARTS addresses the automatic features such as scaling and autosizing.

But I've manually adjusted my Chart Pane heights and they are now different sizes in height.

Once I stack my charts side-by-side, how can I quickly reset the chart pane heights so that they are equally spaced within a chart?

For example, in the image below, I want to make all chart panes the same vertical pixel height. I realize I can mouse drag each pane, but I was searching for something that would be much faster.


Do you mean Tile Vertically or Tile Horizantly which are under the Window menu item.


@Anthony, No, i am not referring to the chart. Tile Vertical and Tile Horizontal pertain to the "Chart" not the "Chart Pane" Each red arrow in my image occupies a "chart pane", and together, all of my chart panes occupy the chart. (I actually do have multiple charts and I do use Tile Vertical to stack them side by side).

In this case, I want to auto-resize my chart panes to be of equal height.

Note: I am aware of a menu item View-Pane->Arrange All. However it does not reset the vertical chart pane heights to be equal.

Sorry. just seen your note above.

Just to clarify, the documentation states thate the Pane->arrange all - arranges chart to equal sizes. I'm finding that the Price chart, in particular, is not resetting it's size, while all the other charts do. Perhaps there is an override setting in my AFL that prevents this particular chart from auto-sizing.

I think it might have to do with any custom GFX's or setchart options which may be restricting
the auto arrange of those charts.

I performed a test of 3 standard panes with no custom items and they auto arranged properly.


@Anthony Thank you for your input and assistance.

I have discovered that this appears to be a feature!

The Pane-Arrange All works perfectly on chart panes that do not have their show date axis set to yes. In other words, when the Parameter Axes & Grid setting has Show date axis? set to Yes, then that chart pane does not resize in the same way as others. At least that is what I have found.

The algorithm is pretty simple: panes WITH date axis get TWICE the height of panes WITHOUT date axis.

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@Tomasz Thanks for the clarification. I had several chart panes with the date axis enabled!:slightly_smiling_face:

A nice feature would be to have the volume sub-pane not be there if there is no volume data for the symbol or OI. For example, when viewing stocks, there is volume data but when switching to an index or other database, there may me no volume data.

Would be nice to have that sub pane disappear, via AFL or some settings in those instances. Just thinking.