Auto Sizing Plot styleNoRescale

Hello Friends,

regarding about Auto sizing Plot Line.

see the above algorithm number, i wrote code. and got it sequence of value.

LastC = LastValue(C);
num1 = num2 = num3 = num4 = num5 = num6 = num7 = num8 = 1;

i = 1;

while( num8 < LastC )
	for( j = 1; j < 9; j++)
		num8 = num8 + i;
		num7 = num8 - i;
		num6 = num7 - i;
		num5 = num6 - i;
		num4 = num5 - i;
		num3 = num4 - i;
		num2 = num3 - i;
		num1 = num2 - i;

but i can't form PLOT auto resizing continues like as below image. i draw line manually fyr.
so i read this page.and use Plot styleNoRescale

Plot( num8, "Line8", colorred,styleNoRescale);
Plot( num7, "Line7", colorGreen,styleNoRescale);
Plot( num6, "Line6", colorGreen,styleNoRescale);
Plot( num5, "Line5", colorGreen,styleNoRescale);
Plot( num4, "Line4", colorRed,styleNoRescale);
Plot( num3, "Line3", colorGreen,styleNoRescale);
Plot( num2, "Line2", colorGreen,styleNoRescale);
Plot( num1, "Line1", colorGreen,styleNoRescale);

but i am not get Plot line continuously. any one guide me.

You really need to work on your grammar and expression as in current form your post is totally incomprehensible. Start with explaining the goal you want to achieve: How to ask a good question