Auto Trading: process flow, resources, and requirements. What are your experiences and opinions?

I am using AMIBROKER for Indian market for last 3 years. Now I wat to try auto trading. I read a lot here and there about IBController, interactive broker, SDK/ADK----but I do not understand them fully.

Can anybody here educate me (I believe it will make clear a lot others too in the concept) about how to do AUTO TRADING with AMIBROKER----the various ways/oprions with requirements and the process flow in a simplified way.

Any hint or redirection atleast , please.

I suggest you make this thread more lively by referencing already compiled KB articles, forum threads and other reputed and reliable content.

The topic is vast and a generalized question is difficult to answer in short.

Someone asked the same thing and didn't go far.

If you search your localised Google, i can see a dozen prospective discussions but not plain copy pasting them.
@rajandran this member has some articles from his site too

Check out the examples and sources given here

Thanks all for the guidence.

I will do the suggested homework first and then will comeback with questions, if any.