Automate Yahoo historical updates?

Since Yahoo stopped its current data service I have been using Yahoo Historical downloads to update my Amibroker database. Works fine, although it takes 90 minutes and has to be set up everyday.

I wonder if the process can be automated by:

  1. Making the ‘from’ date in AmiQuote default to the previous trading day (the ‘to’ date already defaults to today).
  2. Linking the Amibroker/Tools/Auto-update to the historical data update instead of the defunct current data download.

Perhaps both things could be done using a script?
Thanks for any comments

See this topic:

Personally, I use the external scripts solution that uses the AmiBroker and AmiQuote’s OLE interfaces.

I selected this way since I have to update multiple databases and use different data sources.

I launch the scripts automatically using the Windows scheduler every day at the same time: in this way, I do not have to keep AB open all time as required by the internal scheduler, that is a simple solution if you have a single database or multiple ones that use the same data provider.

(AmiQuote’s OLE interface is documented in the ReadMe2.html file in AmiQuote folder)

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