Automatic Analysis Indication for whether Active or not

I am starting Automatic repeat analysis and it will repeat every 5Min.

It is running fine.

But some times I dont know whether it is active or not. If any indication on the Tool Bar highilighting the respective Button will be good. something like the below.


Also need Automatic setting for Sorting based on Date/Time Latest to Oldest.

Please refer to the following for sorting columns automatically :

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Thank you @akshay.gupta55

@phb Solution to your request already exists. More precisely - at least 2 ready to use solutions:

  1. Auto-repeat status icon was introduced in AmiBroker 5.69. You can find it in the right-hand corner of the AA Info bar. Yellow 'play' arrow shows up when auto-repeat is active and scheduled for the next run.

AR Arrow

To be able to see it, you must have AA Info bar opened. You can do it by clicking small black triangle next to the wrench icon Przechwytywanie in AA Window and selecting Info Bar .

  1. You can create your custom Auto-Repeat and AR Interval buttons. When you click such custom AR button it becomes highlighted, so that you know, that it is on. I think this is exactly what you wanted.

Auto-Repeat OFF:

Przechwytywanie 3

Auto-Repeat ON:


You can find out how to create such custom buttons in AA Window in this thread:

Besides read here:

If this is what you are after, you can click Przechwytywanie icon below the reply, so that other users can easily identify solved issues.

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Thank you very much @Milosz

I will go through the links.

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