AUX1 not expanding properly in larger timeframes

I am having a small issue with my data not displaying properly when i change timeframes,
i have a databse with 1min bars as base, and i have something similar to volume in the AUX1 position,
the problem is when i move up in timeframes to say 5min or even daily, it doesn't show as i expect it would (similar to volume automatically sums and displays the total.
attached is first pic a 1 min chart, with the quote editor and area circled, in the 1m it shows the correct amount, but in the second picture (5 min timeframe) it doesn't show the correct amount should be at least 2 bars 3:10 and 3:15 with less then -50 ish sum of AUX1

any ideas?

*the times don't match because of database shift of 6 hours, but the area and time is the same

amibroker 1min
amibroker 5min

Always search the forum before posting: Aux1 data calculation NO problem in TimefrageGet - #3 by Tomasz


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