Backfill 180 days of intraday hourly bars from Interactive Brokers

I am able to download about 35 days worth of intra-day hourly bars through Interactive Brokers TWS into Amibroker. However, I configured the backfill length to be 180 days. So far, I have never been able to download more than 40 days worth of hourly bars data.

Has anyone managed to download 180 days worth of intra-day data through IB? I'm wondering if I did something wrong on my side.

I followed the instructions here.

@thankyou18 I did a test (I have a 1-minute database).

I requested some widely traded tickers like AAPL, AMZN, NVDA and also an ETF that was launched last year (AIEQ - AI Powered by IBM Watson!) and I was able to retrieve 180 days of 1m bars data (36/36 of the maximum of 5 DAYS of 1-minute bars).

It took several minutes per each symbol to backfill.
A bit strange is the fact that the first quote date in the database for each symbol is a different one, but it could be something due to my configuration (I use 24 hours data with no filtering).
Before retrying, I suggest you delete the existing tickers.

So, it is possible, but it is very slow (and notoriously IB data is not the most reliable).

(Test was done using TWS 974.0g- Aug 3, 2018 and AB - 6,28.0 beta - 64-bit).

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@beppe, thank you for the test. I tried the download with indices. For example, nasdaq100 NDX-NASDAQ-IND-USD

I tried your settings but still cannot get 180 days. Maybe 180 days are allowed for individual stocks but not allowed for indices. Anyone managed to download 180 days with stock indices?

@thankyou18 it worked the same (180 days download was completed also on some less widely used tickers like TICK-NYSE-NYSE-IND-USD).

By the way, something lately seems to work better than in the past: I remember that when I tried to request in sequence multiple 180 day backfills, I frequently hit the "throttle" limit, and the backfill was suspended for several minutes. Now it seems more reliable (not considering the slowness of the process).

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