Backfilled All Symbols, Yet the chart itself is not updating Intraday

Hi All,

  • Using E Signal Data Feed*

I am currently trying to update all my tickers with more bars for intraday history, by changing the database setting of Number of Bars. All is well i manually back filled my chart and it works more history is loaded.

However i need a back-fill done on 2000 more tickers. I tried automating a backfill by running a random formula with wait for back-fill setting and numerous others such as all quotes, last bar and even lowering periodicity to 5 Minutes to no avail .

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are pictures to clarify:

  1. Before a manual backfill, Also after a wait for backfill in analysis. As you can see the date only goes back to Dec 2017, In the one Hourly Chart.

  2. Whereas after a manual backfill the date goes back to 2010 as it should.