Backtest Analysis showing less trades than chart?

Hello! Firstly, I wanted to say im marvelled by Amibroker Software. Its so much easier to learn than other platforms. And with such big helpers - you!! - it becomes even more welcoming. Thanks for that.

Friends, im having a problem in my backtest, probably doing something wrong. I perform the backtest and it shows the trades in the analysis window. Here:


Than i right click and select "Show arrows for actual trades". And then, when i go to see the chart, it shows a lot more trades than in the analysis window. And the trades in the chart are how i intended them to be.


What do you guys think can be happening?

You don't show full trade list (symbol column is missing), so it is guessing game, but if you are running portfolio backtest, then you may simply run out of cash and not every "potential" trade can be open

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Oh, it actually happens in portifolio and individual modes, but the actual backtest was made in individual symbol.
I will post another better example later. Thanks for the answer!