Backtest Norgate Data with Delisted Stocks


I bought the data from Norgate with Currently listed US Data and Delisted US Data History back to 1985, and now I am doing a course to learn amibroker, the teacher use the same data provider.

But I am can't find in my watchlist either “Russel 3000 Historical Constituents” or “Russel 3000 Current & Past.”.

How I can solve this problem?

Its possible to upgrade my data to the new NDU?

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@SauloGLuiz the watch list should appear. But this question is probably best for Norgate's technical support (via email to Norgate) and @NorgateData 's Richard Dale.


Hi, @SauloGLuiz , was this resolved? I am facing the exact same issue. Was @NorgateData able to help with this? Thanks!

The "Current & Past" watchlists are avilable in the new release of Norgate Data which was just launched yesterday. Our legacy "Premium Data" system didn't have this capability.

Although our legacy Premium Data offering with AmiBroker was good, the new Norgate Data offering is much more comprehensive, especially for systems testers/backtesters wanting to test on historical index constituents.