Backtest only allowing one trade at a time?

So, I have tried this multiple times and I am only getting one trade on at a time even though I have the limit set to 1000 (see screenshot). My only guess is that there is something perhaps in my code that is preventing the simultaneous positions? I'd love some pointers. Thanks!

Code below:

longCondition = H == HHV(H,262);
shortCondition = L == LLV(L,262);

Buy = longCondition;
Sell = 0;

Short = shortCondition;
Cover = 0;

// Parameters for Chandelier Exit
atrlookback = 10;
atrfactor = 10;

stopLength = ( atrFactor * ATR(atrLookback));

// Implementing Chandelier Exit as a trailing stop
ApplyStop(stopTypeTrailing, stopModePoint, atrfactor * ATR(atrlookback), True, True);

//Plotting the Stop//
//Equity(1,0); //evaluate stops, all quotes

//inLongTrade = Flip(Buy, Sell);
//inShortTrade = Flip(Short, Cover);

//SetOption("everyBarNullCheck", True);

//longStopLossLine = IIf(inLongTrade, HighestSince(Buy, H - stopLength), null);
//shortStopLossLine = IIf(inShortTrade, LowestSince(Short, L + stopLength), null);

//Plot(longStopLossLine, "Long Stop Loss", colorRed, styleLine,0,0,0,0);
//Plot(shorTStopLossLine, "Short Stop Loss", colorGreen, styleLine,0,0,0,0);


See Portfolio Level Back Testing.

See Backtesting Your Trading Ideas.

See How do I debug my formula. (Especially about using 'Detailed Log').

You are invested 100% at a time per symbol most probably.
So there is no capital left for additional positions
So lower the position size .

SetPositionSize(1, spsShares);