Backtest Report - Charts

My Backtest report Charts tab contains the Profit, MAE and MFE distributions, but does not have the equity chart.

How do I recover it?



Hello Ara
Are you asking for Portfolio Equilty?
Can you check if you have in the folder Report Charts the formula with name “Portfolio Equilty”?
Then Open it and read if is any code there.
My afl contain this code for the Portfolio

Title = "Portfolio Equity = " + C;

SetGradientFill( colorLightOrange, colorPaleGreen  );
Plot( C, "Portfolio Equity", ColorBlend( colorPaleGreen, colorBlack ), styleGradient | styleLine, Null, Null, 0, -1 );

//SetChartOptions(3, chartShowDates );

Hi Panagioti

Yes, I do have that formula in Amibroker/Formulas/ReportCharts/1. Portfolio Equity