Backtest report trade list entries in random date order

Suddenly, without me changing anything, the backtest date entries are listed randomly, not chronologically like they used to be. It's no big deal, but does my head in when a whole lot of losses are grouped together when they shouldn't be.
Thought my stuff was corrupted so wiped existing Amibroker and Norgate Data, reinstalled the lot. No difference.
Maybe can't see for looking so help would be appreciated.
In the Backtester settings ticked Trade List.
Thanks in advance,

Backtest result -

Symbol			Date
ATHX			02/01/15
VTNR			022/01/15
RCAPQ-201605 	02/01/15
PBPB			05/01/15
CNAT			06/01/15
CPXX-201607		06/01/15
WYY			07/01/15
BZH				02/01/15
KEYW			05/01/15
ESNC			12/01/15
GERN			05/01/15
AROPQ-201804	13/01/15
AMPE			05/01/15
BEBE	C		14/01/15
ANVGQ-201510	4/01/15
ENTR-201504		02/01/15
UEC			02/01/15
VSTM			05/01/15
EXTR			05/01/15
MEA-201509		16/01/15

In order to sort results by entry date you just have to click with your mouse on Date column. You will see arrow showing up. Up arrow -> sorted ascending. Down arrow -> sorted descending.


But also you can sort programmatically by using SetSortColumns function. Just add below line to your backtest code.

// sorting backtest results by entry date (third column)
SetSortColumns(3);// positive numbers -> ascending order

Know about the up/down arrows but the one I want is the coding for it.
Thanks for the info and replying so quickly!

The code works great. thanks again.