Backtest result only lists letter A Symbols

Just to learn about running tests, I am trying a very simple code (below). The backtest result lists only symbols beginning with the letter A. I can't find a control that would limit the results like that.

Thanks for any clues.

BuyPrice = 0;
SellPrice = 0;
ShortPrice = Open;
CoverPrice = Open;

SetOption("MaxOpenPositions", 10 );
PositionSize = -10; // invest 10% of portfolio equity in single trade

Short =
CCI( 20 ) > 200 ;
Cover =
Close < Ref( Low , -2 );

@JohnHoward, I think that this was already addressed in a previous answer to one of your posts..

Try adding a PositionScore to your code!

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@beppe, in that previous reply I understood that I needed Position Score only if Max Open Positions was 1. In a previous strategy, I had a Max Open Positions of 10 and it worked fine without the Position Score. This simpler code also has Max at 10, so I am puzzled that this code is giving me that problem again.

I will try to understand the position score. Thanks.

PositionScore tells AmiBroker how to order your entry signals. This will only be important when there is "competition" for a slot (position). It's certainly possible to write a strategy where every possible entry signal results in a trade entry (e.g. Max Pos = 10 and your watchlist only has 10 symbols), but it's good practice to always define PositionScore.

Thank you - I'll do it.

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