Backtest results analysis by symbol code only


I am new to Amibroker. I have run a bunch of backtests, but basically I want to see the results reported out at a symbol level only and cant seem to work out how to do this. For example, if I run a system on selected US stocks I want to see the total result at a single stock level. I can only seem to get it a stock and individual trade level, so if I say have 10x trades on a given stock, I just want to see the overall sum result of these 10x trades rather than each one. I know can filter down and just run on each stock as a portfolio backtest, but this will take too long and just wondering if there is an easier way.


For individual backtest(s) (-> separate backtest per single symbol with statistics on per symbol basis) choose individual backtest button of analysis tool bar.

Clicking that button will also create single security backtest reports (multiple reports with per symbol statistics if you run individual backtest on a watchlist of symbols, for example). For choosing each symbol's report after running multiple individual backtests on a watchlist of symbols open the report explorer (see picture below) and then within that report explorer double click the line of the symbol's report you want to investigate further.

In "Type" column of report explorer individual backtests are marked by letter "I".

In order to more easily see in report explorer which symbol was tested you can set custom report name such as:

SetFormulaName( "System1_" + Name() );

added to your backtest code at the top. That custom report name will be located in "Name" column of report explorer.


On the other hand if you actually mean to get per symbol results in a portfolio backtest then take a look at custom backtest (CBT) example code of this link here.

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