Backtest results vary although there's no change in data or settings


A code that I ran y'day (11 Jan) gave different results compared to running the same code today (12 Jan).

  1. The data set has not changed
  2. The formula has not changed (I've checked character-wise multiple times).
  3. Settings are the same too (Again, checked and verified multiple times)

On comparing the test results, I found that ~400 trades that showed y'day are not appearing today. I've checked manually that these are all valid trades as per the rules, not sure why the system skipped these trades in the report today. (The trades are not skipped because of lack of capital.)

Unfortunately I'm unable to attach the trade log comparison here since it is in excel.

Appreciate your assistance!

Thanks & regards

Ps: I'm just anxious that other test results might also be incorrect.

my bad guys. please ignore!

i compared the test reports which did not indicate that position size shrinking was enabled.