Backtest "Stuck" on Existing Database When Not Connected

Hi guys,

Quick question, I ran IB connected to Amibroker for a couple of months before ending intraday data, as I just wanted to run some tests.

When I had the data subscription at IB on, backtesting worked fine - but when I don't have the data on, backtests do not work any longer, stuck on 75% (even though I can see the chart that there is intraday data).

Is this normal, that one needs an active intraday/RT data subscription for backtests to work?

I read on another thread to include a trace, which I did but nothing appears in the log window - _TRACE("Currently processing" + Name());

(I should add that I have the same issue with DTN, even though I can see intraday charts, I can't run any backtests on it, even though it worked when I had the subscription - intraday backtests only work with an active account?)

Thanks for any help

In database settings , change your Data source to (local database)

The Trace output is in the external DebugView program

Thanks Tomasz, I appreciate it. (RE: awilson, I do have settings to local)