Backtest using Aux1 field data

I have some mutual fund price data (via Amiquote / Tingo) that shows the Adjusted price in the O,H,L,C fields and the Unadjusted price in the Aux1 field. I was trying to backtest a simple moving average formula (below), but wanted the backtest to use the Unadjusted price data from the Aux1 field as the Buy / Sell prices. The code runs, but the backtest report is showing the Adjusted prices as the Buy / Sell prices instead of using the Aux1 price. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Fyi, I am using AB version 6.20.1. Thanks in advance for any direction.

MA1	 = MA(Aux1,200);
BuyPrice = Aux1;
SellPrice = Aux1;

Buy  = (Aux1 > MA1);
Sell = (Aux1 < MA1);

Filter = 1;
AddColumn(C,"Close", 1.2);

You probably need to turn off Price Bound Checking.

Thanks! Yes, that change did result in using the correct (Aux1) prices for Buy/Sell. Am getting odd equity & drawdown curves in the backtest report, but the trade list is now correct. Thanks again.

That’s because AB will use the OHLC data to determine things like Equity, MAE, MFE, and Drawdown.

OK. Thank you. That makes sense now. Appreciate your help.