Backtest yields a single trade

Why is it that when I do a backtest on a single symbol (using "Apply to Current"), for some symbols, all the trades are shown, as expected; for some, only the first entry and exit is shown on the result?
And this happens even when I use a simple "buy=cross(c, ma(c, 20)); sell=cross(ma(c, 20), c);" system.
There is no position size restrictions, ranking system or any other restrictions for that matter. Some symbols are just traded once. Of course, there are plenty of signals on every symbol.
Thank you in advance.

Have you tried looking at “Detailed Report”. Could be number of thing like size of trade and backtester settings not being met. Perhaps if it’s intraday and your defined size is larger then 10% or that bars volume(default setting).

Detailed Report should give you a clue as well on why trades are being skipped.

I know that it is not about insufficient funds or anything along those lines. When I run the backtester on "All symbols", the backtester runs through all the symbols from the earliest date up to the latest (as expected). However, when I select "Current", there are symbols that only has one trade (of all the 10 years + of available data). When I check the "All symbols" backtest, it only contains one trade each of those problematic symbols.

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Can you post your code (use the code blocks "</>" )so we can easily download and try it.

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Typically, the position size is the problem, either:

  • you don't have enough cash in account, and/or
  • cash is already allocated for other trades, and/or
  • specified too large position, and/ or
  • did not account for commission and you trade without position size shrinking option, and/or
  • round lot size option rounds down to zero, and/or
  • any other restriction that you put in the settings is activated

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