Backtester not trigerring correct trade

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code is trigering trade in Debug, trigering trade in scan, trigering trade in explorer but when i see trade list in backtester this trade is not present. how is this possible ?

Your Scan shows a Buy signal on 1/19/2010 at 9:24:59am. When you use the backtest mode backtestRegular (the default if you don't specify otherwise), AmiBroker will remove excess signals in a manner similar to what happens with:

Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell);

Please see this page for details:

It appears to me that the Buy signal at 1:29:59pm has been removed due to the backtest mode you're using.

Yes I also though so, but this is not the case. Excess signal should be removed if there is any existing trade as explained in But as you can see there was no open trade and funds available. there is no reason this signal should have been removed.

@mradtke is correct. @Samrat - You need to carefully study the manual (scroll down to the picture and study it)

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I think I got the problem. There is buy signal generated at 9:24AM due to sigScaleOut but it was not executed as trade because there was no pen position. due to this next buy ( real buy) generated at 1:29:59 PM is ignored. I change it to raw mode and it makes trade at 1:29:59. Thanks mradtke and Tomasz for help.