Backtesting automation

Every month I need to run about 2000 backtesting scenarios across instruments. IT's currrently being done manually. i.e. we open backtesting, set the target, stop loss, chart to be used, and time frame...and then run the test, capture ie. copy-paste the results in excel.

Is there way to automate it such that the tests will run automatically and the results will be stored in a file? The input can be any database table or excel.

There isn't much detail in your post but from whatever I can gather, it can be done.

Having said that, you or someone would have to write the code that will take care of the whole automate process.
You can use either or both functionalities that can be achieved using AB OLE automation and Batch
Batch functionality can also be invoked from the command line.

Also, one would need to study in depth about the APX files and how you can save the whole project.
it was out of my curiosity, but you can directly edit them and make variable changes etc but caution advised as standard disclaimers apply for advanced stuff.