Backtesting Shows No Results

Well I'm not really sure what I did to screw this up, but I'm hoping someone has some ideas. I suspect there is something simple I'm overlooking...

Here's my problem:
Backtesting show function shows no results.

I've followed all instructions on without any success.

Additionally I've been using the following script to help troubleshoot this issue.
Buy = 1; Sell = 0; Short=0; Cover=0;

I'm using norgate data, and amibroker has this equity data. No matter my filters backtester returns no results. There are no signals being generated either. Changing my filter from my watchlist to 'current symbol' does not help either. I know Amibroker is passing over the data, because backtesting over a ~3000 symbol watchlist takes time, where as "current symbol" is instant, both post no results.

I've restarted my computer, Amibroker, and my Norgate Data Updater with no success.

Any ideas?

Check whether Positions is set to Long or Long and Short (in case it is not).


Or check your trade size limit or whether "Disable trade size limit..." is checked or not (in case your volume is zero).


And... "Allow position shrinking" should be ON (the default).
And ... UNCHECK Pad and align


I've unchecked this (and it's set to 0) without success. Additionally, no signal is being generated, despite my AFL Buy=1;. I've also used many of my older scripts and none of them can generate signals.

I've done this as well.

Any other ideas? I might try a reinstall...

I was using Amibroker last night and now when I started it up this morning something has gone wrong...


and run "SCAN". SCAN, not backtest if your first tool to find if signals are generated.

It is with great shame that I return to tell you that I was attempting to test on future data that has not taken place, December 2022 instead of December 2021.

Thanks for the help @Tomasz, @fxshrat


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