Backtesting Two Questions

Two basic yet important questions.

  1. How do I change the year of the settings of the backtest? I know how to change year at the top but when I go before 2006 it does not seem to work. I thought it was file, database settings and then number of bars. When I increase nothing changes. When I backtest only goes from late 2006 to present. This is for my rotational strategy that I am almost finished with.

  2. My other system can do the above ^ E.G. get tested before 2006 However it has a different issue. When I backtest the result change. E.G. One backtest will be 11.5% and the next will be 13.5%. I do the backtest straight after the other with no change in settings whatsoever. Curious why this is the case?


First please go to Symbol->Quote Editor and make sure that data before 2006 exist in the database

Secondly, go to Analysis Settings and make sure you did not turn on "Pad and align" to reference symbol that has short history (no data before 2006). Padding data to symbol with short history will eliminate data that don't exist in reference symbol.

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  1. Issue Solved thanks Tomasz.

  2. Pad and align is off and results still change. Just before I did two backtest right after each other and one was 12% roughly and other 16%. Let me know if you have any ideas. Code is error free. Maint is updated. Not sure what it can be.


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