Bad formula, was: How to increase speed in Windows bootcamp 27 inch iMac

How to increase Amibroker speed in Windows bootcamp 27 inch iMac. Thanks


stuck :rofl:
grg amibroker.PNG

Hello Batupermata,

AB is one strong optimized application to run as fast as possible not slow. So there are many possibilities to analyze MS Windows, when Windows is running slow, so AB is running slow because of your suboptimal Windows setup. You are using bootcamp, so you run Windows native. There is no virtualization layer on your Mac, research your Windows speed without running AB first. Check your hardware, are you using SSD ? How is your analysis via Windows task manager / resource monitor ? Is there any strange thing with some virus scanner or harddisk encryption ? Next look at your AFL, could you optimize it ? Reduce looping etc ...

Additional look at this AB hint :slight_smile:


Best regards,

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Thanks for the help, intel's latest iMac chip uses SSD. I compare it with Windows native computer, it's different. Faster and does not change the size of the chart display.

It's already set to GDI preferences

Amibroker GDI

This is a comparison with the windows native computer

Pure Windows computer fine

I understand,

  1. your Mac has faster hardware as your native Windows PC
  2. You enabled AB "Multi-threaded charts"
  3. Mac performance with AB is unchanged slow

Did you setup/compare your native Windows machine to Mac setup by same Windows version, AB (64-bit !) version, AB database/size/content and AFL script version ?

??? Has AB with some other AFL, not your RRG thing same slow behaviour ???

Execute "Apple Software Updater" to check running current BootCamp drivers 6.1.17, update to this version ...

Check in "Windows device manager" every hardware component is regonized correct.

Please share more tech paramters of your Mac and show us results with "AB Performance Monitor"

Troubleshoot your Mac step by step with tools like "sysinternals"


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You can also test the GPU and see if there is a bottleneck there.
Also if there are 2 GPUs, see which one is actually running and windows/GPU driver app does allow to choose which one to use for a specific App. That way you can run against each one.

See from here
Turn on "display chart timing" in Tools->Preferences->Miscellaneous this will give you rendering time.

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How to increase Amibroker speed in Windows bootcamp 27 inch iMac.

This sentence is as useless as it could only be. It is as you were driving 400kph in Bugatti Veyron and asked "how can I accelerate".

You don't even say what you want to "speed up". Charts? Analysis? Whatever else?

First and foremost, you never provided any NUMBERS about actual performance. The word "slow" means nothing.
Use numbers, not meaningless words.

Go to Tools->Preferences, "Miscellaneous" tab, and check "Display chart timing". Then you can see the numbers and compare numbers not some subjective meaningless impressions.


  1. Read the USER MANUAL, especially this:
    Performance tuning tips
    Efficient use of multithreading


  3. FIX your own formulas - Properly written formula executes in under 10ms.

  4. Check obvious hardware differences (very important but neglected thing: different screen resolution)


@Tomasz responded to this (nebulous issue) on a weekend. Kudos.


You are iterating hundreds of symbols (Nasdaq 100) on multiple charts at same time using different intervals (5-min, hourly, daily) using Foreign functions !!!!

It is Foreign arrays and other calculations of multiple symbol arrays inside loop and then plotting graphs of those hundreds of symbols.

No wonder that you PC is not capable to handle it.

Reduce number of symbols and number of charts.


Thank you very much Mr Pietro for your advice and attention, I will give it a try. Gbu

Thanks also @nsm51 for the advice and attention, I'll try. Gbu

You are very thorough and experienced, know the crux of the matter Mr Fxshart. Indeed, previously tabs 1 and 2 used the WL DJI 30, not accidentally changing to the Nasdaq 100.

Now my Amibroker is STUCK, it can't work. Does anyone know how to fix it please?. Thanks

I would suggest to fix your "STUCK" whatever you try to explain to us ...

short Version:

Setup new AB database, set this new database path as "Preferences-Data- | Default database path |"
Close every AB Chart window, create one new and assign for example AB build in "Basic Charts -"
Import for example EOD data via AmiQuote to your new database

long Version:

Reboot your Mac, do not start AmiBroker
Backup your current Amibroker directories to external data storage (twice !), particularly ..\Formulas directory
Deinstall AmiBroker via Windows Control "Program & Features"
Delete if necessary every AmiBroker directory in "C:\Program Files"
Reinstall AmiBroker full via original AmbiBroker install process
Activate AmiBroker through your ABReg.exe
Start AB, check your Windows resources ...
Restore your "old AB resources" step-by-step, recognize/troubleshoot your fault
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Did you read?

Close all chart panes of your upper picture or close all chart tabs.
Open just single chart and run AFL with just a few symbols in watchlist not hundreds.
Save layout.

If AB hangs and doesn't let you do anything then close AB and delete Default.awl file (if that's the applied layout) of Layouts folder used by that database (Is it local or global layout?). Then re-open AB. All previous charts should be gone.

Why creating new DB?
DB is not corrupted.
He simply has multiple charts of iterating hundreds of symbols in loop with use Foreign function.
So just close all those charts (panes) or delete layout.


Thank you very much @Pietro you are very kind. I will try it. Gbu

Thanks a lot @fxshrat , you are very experienced and expert in Amibroker. While I tried the simple way first. That is, force close AB with task manager and enter DB AB manually change the WL Nasdaq 100 to DJI 30. So it's not as heavy as before.

Amibroker can run like the beginning and not heavy / stuck anymore. Thanks and Gbu

I use a lot of Apple products: macbook pro, air, imac and many more. Because it's very good screen color and make Gem Jewellry design, but when bootcam into Windows there are often problems and it's not perfect like the Windows native. Thanks for all

You did not send ANY formula (which is of course against the rules of this forum), but judging from this single sentence, it is pretty obvious that the reason of problems is your formula that iterates through large watchlists INSIDE CHART code using lots of Foreign() making it executing needlessly heaps of code it should not execute INSIDE chart.
You should learn how to use AmiBroker effectively.

If you want multiple-security composite, use composites, DON'T recalculate everything over and over every tick. Read the manual:

In Forums, I've selected the Amibroker Category that doesn't discuss about AFL. My problem is in iMac with BootCamp Windows, this is an example of a question about Amibroker Forum. Gbu

  1. MacBook misbehaves, was: Define filter screen close prematurely
  2. Anyone upgraded to Windows 11? Does Amibroker run smoothly?
    And many more

Hello Batupermata,

you got many ideas in this thread to fix your problem, Tomasz and fxshrat talk to you direct with really great hints and best knowledge.

I personally work on one Macbook with bootcamp and Win11 in not supported config environment because i disabled TPM2.0 to do this. Apple does not support Win11 with bootcamp, or Microsoft does not support Win11 without TPM2.0 officially.

So i can confirm AB is running high speed and stable with that config.

Now some words on bootcamp ... In my mind bootcamp is:

  1. Partitionmanager to switch between OSX and MS Windows native
  2. Give Windows less or more well developed device drivers to support Mac hardware on Intel plattform only

So go back to the roots and troubleshoot/test your basic MS Windows setup without starting AB.

  1. Optimize/search for alternate/more current device drivers packed by bootcamp in the internet

For example look direct to hardware manufacturer like Intel, Nvidia, AMD and do
"MS Update wizards" looking for more recent hardware support. In my case i get really a better graphic driver direct from AMD.

  1. Check/measure your hardware with windows tools, reported in this thread

!!! Important !!!

5. Study Tomasz and fxshrat hints after you can confirm your bootcamp setup is up and running well

Best regards,


Thank you for the help and explanation Mr. Peitro, you are very kind and experienced. Gbu