Bad 'tickerchart' plugin, was: How to save plugin data into local database

I have a data plugin from a software called tickerchart, it connects me to a server that provide live data feed ,the problem is it takes forever while connected to explore or backtest, Is there any way to save the data to use it in Amibroker local database (historical not real time) to speed up things

PS: I tried 'save database as' option but still the same problem when I close the connection I lose the data

You should read that first:

AmiBroker automatically saves data received from plugin BUT....
the plugin MUST be written properly, specifically it must use already existing data (indicated by "nLastValid" parameter) and NOT re-download data that already exist.

Apparently your "tickerchart" plugins is INCORRECTLY WRITTEN.

It is also illegal, because authors DID NOT contact us and DID NOT receive unique plugin ID which is REQUIRED for data plugins.

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