Banca Sella Controller like IB Controller

we have seen the power of your software that is it really great and above many steps than the others like Multicharts or Ninjatrader.
Could you create an official connection to Banca Sella ti trade by the best trading Bank in Italy, please?
We are not developers or programmers but only traders with no skull of programming.
We have also asked for some software to develop a plugin, but no one wants to do this.

In Italy, Multichrts connect to all main Bank a Broker and we would like to trade by Amibroker that is better than Multicharts.

We are forced to use Multicharts or Excel because we have no other choice.


@fumo59, if Banca Sella provides a REST API and allows a free trial period for developers, I suggest you post the links and relative information in this dedicated thread.

P.S. Bello sapere che in Italia c'è ancora qualcun altro che apprezza AmiBroker!

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@fumo59 - you really need to BUY AmiBroker license after 5 months.

We are not going to do ANYTHING for people who don't buy licenses.

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Oh yes there hundred of traders that use Amibroker!!
Unfortunately we cannot use the automated trading functions with any Italian bank via Amibroker.
Yes it has reset API and very good documentation.

CIao finalmente un altro italiano :-). Purtroppo in Italia abbiamo solo 1 soluzione ora se vogliamo fare trading totalmente automatizzato: Multicharts.
Qui ci sono i link che mi hai chiesto. Non sono un programmatore per cui non so se è questo quello a cui ti riferisci:

Hi Tomasz,
I understand your point of view.
I explain to you the need of ALL Italian Amibroker customers who are forced to use Multicharts to do autotrading in Italy. An Italian user who uses Amibroker must necessarily open a foreign account with IB, and this exposes him to be subjected to a negative list under the Italian tax authorities, with enormous costs for declaring foreign accounts that in Italy are very expensive. I hope I have explained myself well and have exposed Tomasz to the sad situation of traders in Italy. In Italy we pay 26% tax on the gain plus another tax the Tobin Tax, if we open a foreign trading account we still have other taxes to pay, plus the cost of the accountant and other tax charges. The Italian state in reality obliges us to trade with Italian banks and not with foreign brokers.

@fumo59, I know Banca Sella / Directa, but I don't use it.
Anyway, I took a brief look at their development kit and saw that it seems made for use in .Net environments (it is written in C #).

Honestly, I see very unlikely that anyone would want to develop a plugin for AmiBroker (which, AFAIK, must be coded in C++).

Some very experienced programmers in the forum also do third-party development. Maybe they can give you better directions than mine.

It is not about others. It is about you. You want something but you did not purchase license. You have registered on this forum 5 months ago.
I do NOT support non-paying customers. It is that simple.

Writing plugins cost lots of time and money.

If you are customer of that bank, you can convince them to take open-source
IB plugin AmiBroker / IBController · GitLab and adopt it to their brokerage. After all they will collect commissions from that, not me.

As to Italian users and automation:

Italian users can use Interactive Brokers for total trade automation NOW.

IB has branches in European Union (Ireland and Luxemburg) and all countries in E.U. have signed treaties that guarantee all E.U. citizens to be treated equally, so situation in Italy should be not worse than in any other E.U. member state. Therefore I doubt if opening account with Ireland or Luxemburg IB branch would give you any negative consequences.


Hi Tomasz, we'll answer you in the subject.
We want to clarify that answer is to avoid controversy or discussion, We want clarity.

Thomas we said A and necessarily we wanted to refer A and not people understand B. You thought it referred to us, but as we wrote above it is for all that are Italian traders. Please do not change the meaning of what we write or do not interpret it personally.

The solution of opening an IB account is precisely what to avoid absolutely

Unfortunately, we don't have as much power to do as you write:
"If you are a customer of that bank, you can convince them to take open-source
IB plugin AmiBroker / IBController · GitLab and adapt it to their brokerage. After all they will collect commissions from that, not me."


You seem to have missed the first point..... You need to get the Verified Badge.

After you get Verified, the discussion can get back to the Controller Issue.

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