Bar chart appears instead of candle stick chart

After installing Amibroker, all my charts come up as bar charts and I can't make them change to candlestick charts.

I have tried View > price chart style > candle stick.
I have created a new AFL file, the only line being 'plot(close,"close",colordefault,stylecandle); but this does not change the chart either.

I am using AB 6.30.5, 64 bit

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance

Change to

Plot(close,"close", colorDefault, GetPriceStyle());

to use View > Price chart style

Yes this will allow me to change the chart style using View > Price chart style.

Problem is all other forms of chat types display on the chart, but candle stick charts do not.


Check if ypu have Open and close correct, looks like your data is corrupted

I was getting this issue too. After many attempts to solve it I discovered that the Symbol Utility Files from Metastock are corrupted and are delivering the same open and close prices to each symbol rendering it impossible to display correct candlesticks. I have now corrected this by using a slightly earlier Symbol Utility File. Not sure if you have the same issue?

Thank you. This might save me so much time.
It makes sense.

I am running two versions of metastock downloader ( in different environments) the new downloader with the new symbol utility files is giving me this problem. The old one with older files is not.

Thanks again

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