Bar replay problem in one hour time frame

Hello everybody,

While I am replaying the bars in the one-hour time frame, the last candle changes while the new candle appears. See the following pics:
Could you please help me in this regard?

Just to confirm @simon, are these one hour bars that you have in your image?

yes, take a look at the Bar Replay frame.

No - Bar Replay's "Step interval" and chart's Interval are two different things. Try out different chart Intervals and see what happens. You need to play a little bit with the software on your own (and read the docs) to discover it's functions.

I want to see how my code works.
In this case, sometimes there is a buy signal and sometimes it disappears. I really need to fix the problem.

@simon - the chart interval setting is located here:


Unfortunately, I still have problem with it. I couldn't solve it. :frowning: