Bar-Replay Reset Alert Time function

Would anyone know what the Bar-Replay "Reset Alert Time" is for and how to use it?


I can't seem to find any info on this...


CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.39.0 (as compared to 5.38.0)

Bar Replay dialog has now new checkbox “Reset alert time” that resets last alert time for all symbols when you press Play button enabling AlertIf() to be triggered again from the start on each replay

Thanks, Google! :wink: (I searched for: amibroker "reset alert time")

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oops... Thank you beppe.

@Beaver, it would have been better for me to say: "Thanks @Tomasz".

Over the years he has prepared so many documents and detailed articles (which are easy to find on google) that I think no other competitor will ever be able to equal!


I am sorry but that is a heavily exaggerating fairy tale. While other softwares of similar kind might be inferior to certain features of AB or not even having those features in all fairness those over vendors for sure have manuals/wikis/... that cover every little detail too (and even at one place). At least one/two ones of them I know. Let's keep staying on Earth's surface.

The only difference here at AB it is one man writing help files (two men if Marcin is involved into adding help documents too).

@fxshrat your experience in this field is far superior to mine, so I believe your word, but I'm impressed anyway!.