Bar reply for lesser step interval

I am sudhansu kumar patel, purchased the professional edition of amibroker, But in bar replay only monthly, weekly and daily step intervals are coming. Please guide me how to change the step interval in bar reply to lesser time frame i.e. 15min, 10min or 5 min.

with regards

user name: sudhansupatel.

To have intraday intervals in Bar Replay, you need to have Database settings configured for Base Time interval lower than daily.

As written in the manual:

"Changing bar interval (periodicity)
Please note that intraday intervals are disabled if your database is in end-of-day mode. Intraday modes are available only for databases that have "Base time interval" in File->Database Settings set to anything less than end-of-day. If you for example set "Base time interval" in File->Database Settings to 5-minute, all chart periodicities from 5-minutes up will be enabled."