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Hi, I'm doing some simple strategy and when I make a BT portfolio the #bars count on weekends. On the chart it seems fine, it only shows bars from Monday to Friday (which matches the imported sp500), but if a trade starts on Friday and ends on Tuesday #bars = 5, it should show 3.
also say that if I do individual BT, or BT portfolio to a single market, it seems that the result is correct.
but not a filter
I am working with daily bars. Monday to Friday.
Thank you

In short, I have imported daily data from the sp500 from other software. (daily bar at the close of the market), from Monday to Friday.
The bars represent me well in the chart, without weekends, but in the backtes portfolio it seems that he tells me Saturdays and Sundays ...
I have tried changing database settings, but it does not solve it.
my strategy works well well, enter when it should and exit with a simple stop. I draw the entry and exit arrows well, but in the #bars of the portfolio it takes into account Saturdays and Sundays.
have i imported wrong data?
Is there a configuration that I forget?

Go to Symbol->Quote Editor and first step is to look at data here.


How are you calculating # bars?

You might find it helpful to use an exploration that shows you these calculations and see where it differs from what you expect.

duda bars am

duda bars 2.0

is a backtest portfolio column

another example

otro ticker bars

otro ticker bars 2.0

@Javier, so how are you calculating # bars? Add that to your exploration.

Are you using Pad and Align?

Also, you will get more help if you show your code.

I have tried any strategy, even the simplest of a moving average and what I said, when I give portfolio backtest #bars it gives a bad result, there are even trades that not only count on weekends, but put a higher number that has nothing to do with it. with the chart.
later, the same strategy I give individual backtest and #bars gives the correct result.

I have tried with most configurations and nothing

HELLO AGAIN! I have touched this setting and now it seems to be fine.
Before I put markup and the name of a symbol (I think by default) (which I did not even have in the database) now I have put a ticker of my watchlist imported from and it seems to be going well.
Could you explain to me exactly what it means to understand it?
casi resuelto bars

@Javier, the Pad and Align reference symbol should be one that has data for every trading day. In the US, something like S&P 500 or Dow Jones. Then if there are any holes in the data you are using, it is filled in.

You can look up complete details in the manual.

Also check your File->Database Settings->Intraday Settings "Time shift" because apparently you have non zero time shift and your end of day data get shifted to previous day. Daily data should not have time component at all.

If the imported data are daily bars, that is, I get the bar at the close of the market (in this case the photo, 21:00), what would be the correct configuration of the "database / intadia configuration"?
"time shift" I have it set to 0. but the rest is there something that I have to take into account?

Detailed explanation is here:

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