Batch (backtests within BATCH) update process


I have followed instructions for using the batch process in AB as described :

Specifically, I am backtesting several portfolios.

My question:
How do I update/change the DATES for the backtests within the batch process GLOBALLY i.e. for all of the portfolios & for each INDIVIDUAL portfolio

(i) To the latest (end) date


(ii) Change the start date (if so desired)

without editing EACH of the apx files?


The dates are part of Analysis Project and you should set them and save in APX.

That is proper way.

Attempting to use programs against its operating principles is bad idea.

People very rarely realize full potential of the program because they don’t read docs.
Typically motivation to change dates comes from the fact that you want “moving” dates (like one recent month), but this functionality is built-in. Just change RANGE to 60 recent days in Analysis window and it will “move” the dates automatically.

Quote from:

Defining date/time Range

Click on the drop down arrow in the Range combo to select range selection mode: All symbols / N recent bar(s) / N recent day(s) / From-To dates

The ‘N’ can represent any number. For example to define range of 15 recent days, select 1 recent day(s) first and then type in 15 and press ENTER. You will see the text automatically update to 15 recent day(s). Remember you don’t need to type whole thing, just a number is perfectly enough.

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Thanks for the reply.

I am using Norgate Data.

If I backtest for a year, typically there are 252 trading days. Which is more appropriate to use here DAYS or BARS?

Days are Calendar days, so using 365 days would be appropriate.