Batch file issue


I run 5 scan into batch files with 5 min -15 min -1 hr exploration
First batch file scan starts at 9:15 n last at 3
At 9 am it starts Amibroker n Datafeed only
Everything runs good between 9 am to 3 pm
But when I restart amibroker in between market hrs
Then it starts scan again

Issue is -suppose I restart at 2 pm so it should start scan only at 2 pm and afterward - but it starts all scan from 9 am onwards

( also when I close amibroker by file ——> exit , above problem is not happening ,it only scan the files according to the time as I specified in batch files )

Humbly noted tht - i already gone through batch file instructions in help menu

In last line of the page of amibroker 6.40 users guide batch file page
in tht it already stated tht scan will start again then all missed tasks will run once and afterwards they will be run on normal -

( my main concern is when it re run all previous scans it triggers all previous signals which r already traded in terminal n naturally i dnt want to re trade them again ) so my question is how to stop this

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