Batch Files - running out of sequence

I have read the discussions on batch files previously but saw no situation that I have encountered.

I have 2 batch files... Lets call them Batch1 and Batch2.

Batch 1 is scheduled to run at 6:00 pm and Batch2 at 8:00 pm.

Neither ran on time because Amibroker was off.

When I turned Amibroker ON at 9:00 pm, the following happened:

  • Batch 2 ran first. The tab at the top was properly labeled as Batch2.
  • After Batch 2 completed, Batch 1 started running but the tab at the top still showed it as Batch2 even though the correct programs were run.

It would be useful if these could be updated to run in the sequence as scheduled and have the tabs labeled correctly