Batch Processing (Basic Schedule)

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I am interested in creating a very basic “Batch Process” wherein I wish to run 4 separate explorations in 4 separate windows. How do I go about it?

Save your Explorations in the Analyser as separate APX files.

Then create a new batch that does a Load Project, followed by Explore for each one.

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I have just tested the batch processor and I am really impressed both by its power and by its simplicity. It is a fantastic tool and in a few minutes, I was able to automate a lot of fastidious tasks (update composites, generate equity curves and buy/sell signals,…). Great thanks to Amibroker for providing this.
From my first experience, I have a few comments:
1 - is there a way to close automatically the batch file and the last analysis window?
2 - An additional action “Append to file” would be nice, as an example if you want to generate buy/sell signals for several systems.
3 - I would like to update my databeses automatically with Amiquote. In the User’s Guide, an example is given: ExecuteAndWait amiquote\quote.exe YourTickerList.tls /download /close. But how can I specify which download server I want to use?


For 1, if you use the Scheduler (red arrow below), you can click the option to Close on Completion (green arrow), which will close the tab on completion.


For 3, that's been answered already on this forum:

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Thank you for your usefull answers.

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I only want to automate running an explore once and find it hard to work out how.