Batch to load multiple explorations

hi tomasz
can u guide how to load multiple explorations with batch
i tried in batch
but only 1 exploration opens when batch is started

thanks and regards
nitin bagadia

No offence and not referring to this single post but many of them.
If you type a couple of vague sentences which don't make clear sense, its unlikely that you will get prompt help from anyone.
Explain in many sentences preferably with screenshots as to what exactly you tried to do and what happened.

Also, refer to the components by their technical names and don't substitute anything.

For example, I don't know in any AB Version where an "exploration opens".
I know that an Analysis window can be opened. which can either be unsaved or opens as .APX project and load AFL for Scan/Exploration/Backtest etc.

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thanks for making me aware of my ignorance to technical terms ,
since i am a trader and not a professional programmer and not aware of forum rules.
i will take care henceforth

regards and thanks

nitin bagadia

can u please guide me , how to simultaneously open multiple saved analysis(.apx) windows.
i tried doing this through batch , but it seems only one analysis window opens through batch .

pls note
my amibroker is installed in my desktop in office , will attach screen shots tomorrow.

thanks and regards
nitin bagadia

@n_bagadia there is no need to start the thread from calling Tomasz to answer such questions, because they have been already covered in AB documentation and additionally discussed on this forum. Save Tomasz's time for more productive tasks than repeating for the n-th time what already has been written. Did you try looking for an answer here? A few Tomasz quotes from sample threads below:

There is ONE analysis window controlled by ONE batch. If multiple LoadProject calls are used then they are loaded in sequence one after another, all using ONE analysis window that is attached to batch.

Each batch window has ONE and only ONE analysis window controlled by the batch and all steps are executed in sequence. LoadProject loads the project as its name says. It does not create new Analysis windows except ONE and only ONE that is controlled by batch.

The purpose of batch is to SEQUENCE things. …you should put your multiple analyses in SEQUENCE and EXPORT the results. That is proper use of batch.

Just open apx files using File --> Open --> *.apx. Each Analysis Project will be opened in a separate AA window. No problem at all!


@n_bagadia - What I meant in my previous reply - there is nothing wrong with asking questions here, but you should rather start from searching AB documentation and this forum and if not successful, make a post, but don't expect from Tomasz answering initial, simple requests. As you can see, there are users who can provide you with an answer/solution too. Tomasz's time should be reserved for AmiBroker development and special, most difficult cases :wink:

Take care!

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Single batch window always opens single Analysis window and performs all operations as any batch would do, i.e. sequentially. Which means you can run exploration A, then exploration B, and so on. If you want to keep the results of all explorations that you ran during batch, you simply should Export results after running each exploration in sequence. That is how it is designed to work and how it should be used. Single batch window is not designed to open multiple analysis windows to save resources. Your computer is not made of gum and can not stretch. While technically and (manually) it is possible to open many Analysis windows it is not recommended or encouraged to do and that is why it is available manually but not from batch. If you really must do that programmatically for some reason, the only way is to use OLE automation interface that is described in the manual (with examples).


tomasz , thanks for the detailed explanation .
will try the ole option

nitin bagadia