Being Logged out whe trying to view Threads - get a Refresh button

@Tomasz, for some reason I am being logged out when trying to view threads.

I get a message "You have been Logged out" with a Refresth button. When I click on the Refresh button, I am taken back to the main screen. [Edit] It appears to be logging me in again automatically, as I get to the main screen. [end Edit] It was doing it yesterday, so I figured I would logout, and login again today, but it is still continuing.

Let me know what information I can provide...

W10 Pro 64 bit, Firefox browser , i7-7700, 16GB ram. AB working fine, so figure it is web/server related...

Hope you can solve this one.


Make sure you access the forum web site via secure URL

Also typically you don't need to press "refresh" as Discourse refreshes the page itself if somebody posts in given thread.

You might also just clear cookies and re-login.


Still same problem after clearing cookies.

Access looks good:

Thread list looks good:

But keep getting this:

Can't do anything on the message page except click on Refresh. That just logs me back in and I start the process all over....

I can occasionally get to a thread, but not sure why. Will continue with structured testing to see what other hopefully useful information I can come up with.

OK, some additional info...

Was able to access several threads by using Chrome browser.

Came back to Firefox, cleared cookies and data, shut Firefox down. Restarted Firefox, logged into site, got same Refresh problem.

I use Firefox (v60.0.1) all the time and it works without any single issue.

I have same version of Firefox (my preferred browser). Still giving me same issue today. Has worked fine up until the last few days. Have not added anything to my browser, so am stumped.

Any other suggestions, hints, tips or guesses that I might try?