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Hi all,

I'm new here, I'm from Australia. I have searched for a solution but am still a bit confused abou what data package(s) I should subscribe to. I have my US and Aus equities feeds sorted through Amiquote, but I also trade the following:

CME & ICE futures
ETFs - sometimes as a proxy for the above, most are listed on ARCA

Thanks in advance

FT :slight_smile:

You don't have to look far in Australia. Norgate Data from Australia. The best quality I've ever seen.


Thanks jerdchen, that's the way I was leaning, it covers all those instruments?

I guess so. Above all, Norgate has a very good AB plugin and also offers delisted stocks on the US and AU markets.

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Please note that Norgate Data is End-Of-Day data vendor. @FarmerTrader - you did not specify in your post whenever you need intraday / real time data.

Data sources are listed in the manual:

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Thank you - it's EOD data that I'm after for Amibroker.