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If I wanted to have Amibroker (with Norgate Data for my database) on a laptop and a desktop and be able to hop between them seamlessly, with environment, Custom AFL code changes, and watchlist changes synced between them, what is the recommended method? It seems like from this post I found, @Marcel is installing Amibroker to OneDrive (instead of C:\Program Files) and that seems to do it. Are there any other recommendations for this workflow?

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I also found this post which discusses moving watchlists outside the database folder which might do well for watchlists:

I've seen some posts about how to move from one computer to another, but they are all very time consuming (i.e. copy the entire Amibroker folder). So I'm curious how others have this set up to be able to switch back and forth with everything they care about in sync. In my ideal world, I'd still have the core program on my C: drive as well as my database (since through Norgate) but only sync some environment files, my Custom AFL folder, and my watchlist to OneDrive.

I gave up long ago on using Onedrive for anything to do with trading. I found that the syncing was extremely unreliable. I would revise code on one computer, save it to OneDrive, then switch to another computer but I would find that even after 20 minutes, the revision I made didn't sync to Onedrive. I searched and tried everything I could to make Onedrive run properly but nothing would work. What I do now is I have one computer that runs 24 hours a day for automation. On that computer, I have an extra hard drive that I have networked so I can access it from any other computer. I have separate installations of Amibroker and other trading software on each computer, but the AFLs, the batch files, Excel files etc all go on that networked hard drive.


@Marcel ,
Simple and elegant. Bravo!

Did you try other cloud drives also? Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Were there any differences?

Some routers allow you to attach a USB drive and share folders. Then in Windows you can map a network drive to the folder. This works for me and I don't have to have a dedicated machine running and patched.

Of course, you will now have to make backups of the network folder also.

Absolutely simplest method is use directory share mapped to a drive letter in Windows.

  1. Create a network share in Windows
  1. Map shared folder to same drive letter using SUBST command on both computers
    subst | Microsoft Learn
    For example: subst X: \\YourComputer\SharedPath

  2. From now on, on both computers you can refer to shared data using exactly same path say X:\MyData You can share the formulas, databases and other data folders that way.

This is built-in functionality in every Windows since 95 and does not require any third party software nor any kind of cloud.


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