Beware of "cracks"

This is just an eye-opener for those who believe they can download "crack" and use AmiBroker.

You need to understand one thing: installing crack is utterly stupid.

Why? Not only because you are trying to steal my work. It is utterly stupid because files that are supposed to be "cracks" do not contain working AmiBroker. They ONLY contain viruses. If you install this garbage you are installing truck load of viruses. Here is an example detection of "crack" that can be found on the Internet:


Since somebody contacted us before about so called "cracks" I have checked this garbage on isolated virtual machine and looked what this file does. The "crack" installs REMOTE CONTROL software on your computer that connects to hacker's computer Moldavia (in this particular case) in order to take control over your machine.
Once you install "crack", the hacker gets immediate notification bell on his computer and is able to:

  • take screenshots / capture videos of your computer desktop
  • control your camera / microphone (if you have one)
  • control, capture and record mouse/keyboard input
  • steal passwords even from "password safes" and rob your bank accounts
  • inject any malicious code into any of your installed softwares
    and many more all without you knowing ANYTHING.

So, if you are STUPID enough to install this nonsense on your computer, I have no further comments.