Beware of new TWS version 10.10, use stable version 981.3c instead

We got couple of reports that newest TWS version 10.10 does not work properly with API clients. Apparently TWS 10.10 has problems with streaming of real time data for some symbols via API.

Therefore it is recommended to use TWS STABLE version 981.3c


This is what I see when I try to get data for BTC.USD-PAXOS-CRYPTO


Could this mean that we need to modify ibcontroller to be able to handle fractional shares? The error doesn't make it seem like a bug in 10.10.

Real-time data streaming is handled by IB data plugin, not by IBController which is independent.

The message you got was sent from TWS to IB data plugin and 10285 is one more undocumented message code...

I can only guess that in recent TWS API versions the size type sent after a market data request has changed, probably from an integer (or double) to a decimal type in tickSize(). This may require an upgrade of IB Plugin. Btw, be sure to use the latest IB plugin as Tomasz upgrades it from time to time.

PS: indeed if you want to place/modify fractional shares orders, you need a modified IBController version using a recent TWS API version. But it's entirely different from streaming quotes.

Thanks, you're right, the data plugin IB.dll is what returned the error. I'm using IB.dll v2.11.0 which is the most recent that I have found, at this link: Chart not updating in real time for NIFTY index (India only) from IB - #17 by Tomasz

If anyone is looking, the "time tested" standalone TWS version 981.3d is still available here: Global Trading Platform - IB Trader Workstation | Interactive Brokers LLC

I had difficulty finding it, but eventually found it by logging into the portal and searching for "TWS Download".


(as at 21 Dec 21) I just received an email from IB saying I MUST upgrade TWS.

"Due to the high risk nature of the vulnerability, we will discontinue operation of non-upgraded TWS installs on Wednesday, December 29."

latest version I see is 10.12.2d, Im using 981.3c (so I assume many reading this got the email)

Should we upgrade TWS (does it still have a problem) or keep the old version and see what happens?
Id ask/tell IB support (of the issue) but life is too Short!

Ask IB. I don't have slightest idea why they release software that is so vulnerable that they must force upgrades so often. Maybe instead of adding features no-one asked for they will just make something of good quality.

BTW: they still list 981.3g as "time tested version of TWS" on their web page, so maybe you just went into panic mode too soon.

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For what it's worth, I upgraded to 981.3g tonight. The log4j package is upgraded from 2.12 to 2.16. This should fix the code-exploit vulnerability, but may have other problems. You can see the log4j versioned file name in the \Jts\981\jars directory.

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Yes I guess that this "vulnerability" is just log4j because it was made "famous" recently Log4j – Apache Log4j Security Vulnerabilities

It is quite amusing when such things are found in Java that was loudly advertised as "secure". Since log4j is found literally everywhere entire Java world is in real deep trouble. It is not the first but THIRD vulnerability in log4j found recently. So much for security claims by Java evangelists.

IMHO, choosing Java for software like TWS is a mistake.

Does Interactive Brokers in those emails state what "vulnerability" they meant? They should be more transparent as to what and when is changed.

Here it is.
IB TWS Upgrade
I upgraded yesterday, v 1010 fine so far.

Hello, I realize this is maybe an old thread, but I was just curious if it's ok now to use newer versions of TWS. As of this writing, the latest TWS online and standalone are 10.16.1n and the Gateway version is 10.12.2p. Should I still be using the stable 9.xx versions, or are these newer 10.XX ones vetted to work.

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TWS version 983 is available for download see: