BigPond email nightmare!

Anyone who uses emails are kindly requested to use DIFFERENT email address, especially for ordering.

BigPond service is a joke. They are notoriously deleting emails that are sent to @bigpond addresses, especially emails with registration. The typical situation is as follows:

  1. User buys the software and uses address
  2. The key is immediately generated and sent to the @bigpond address
  3. Bigpond silently DELETES email without any error message and without letting customer know that they deleted important communication. They do not place it in "spam". They simply DELETE. No questions asked, nothing.
  4. Customer complains to us that he/she did not receive the key
  5. Then we have to go thru all time-wasting circle of explaining customer that BIGPOND deletes their important email.

So bottom line is do NOT use bigpond if you want reliable email delivery, at least NOT for ordering.