Blank Exploration Column

This might seem like a trivial question - but is there anyway to insert a blank column into an exploration output i.e. a column that has no values at all. To explain my question: I export the exploration output to Excel and colour format it based on the numerical values and a blank column will help in making a blank demarcation between different data types. I have looked at AddColumn and AddTextColumn and I have been able to return a column with a single integer - but I am wanting the column to be completely blank so that my brain will automatically, without thinking, recognise where the data type changes.

I hope this all makes sense.

Filter = True;

AddTextColumn("", "Blank");
AddColumn(BarCount, "Bar Count", 1.0);

Ah perfect - so simple, thanks so much!

The value Null will also result in an empty cell in the Exploration output.

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