Bloomberg, MT4, CNBC, Pacman etc. in AmiBroker - the easy way

Hello everyone,

It took me some time, but recently I've come up with a solution allowing me to integrate any news source like Bloomberg, CNBC or technical analysis programs like Meta Trader 4, TradeStation etc. with AmiBroker. Today I'm going to show you, how it is possible. Keep your mind wide open to new possibilities ... Only few steps are required to achieve what you can see on the below screenshots :wink:





If someone already knows the way, please don't disclose this useful knowledge too early ...

... so stay tuned :wink:


Milosz, you have my attention with the incorporation of Bloomberg into Amibroker. I just hope you are not pulling a April Fools day trick on us! :+1:


i agree with @Duket ....April Fools day


First of all, I would like to apologise all the users who might feel disappointed, but yes indeed - yesterday was April 1, also known as April fools' day. That's the reason why I decided to play a little prank :wink:

Nevertheless - a promise is a promise and I'm going to show you all the steps required to reproduce what I have shown in my previous post:

  1. Make a screenshot of the desired news source or some program (or find an appropriate image on the Internet)
  2. Import this image into AmiBroker's indicator window, using GfxDrawimage(), for example:
GfxDrawImage("C:\\Users\\Milosz\\Pictures\\Screenshot1.png", 1, 1);

  1. Enjoy the jaw-dropping effect which will make your friends envious :dizzy_face: :sunglasses:

OK - now, let me get back to my work - which currently involves incorporating Pacman's famous algorithms into my trading :smile:


Regards - Miłosz


great! thank you, very useful :rofl::rofl::+1: Milosz

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