Bollinger Bands Squeeze Breakout

Can anyone build a Bollinger Bands squeeze breakout AFL ?

@drana there are many examples on the internet, you obviously have made no effort to find a solution. Plus i've noticed you keep posting questions without making any effort at all to solve the problem.

There are many very helpful members on this forum (not myself). This forum is not a free Amibroker code writing service. Members expect you to define the problem, attempt a solution, and then ask for help when your solution is not working.

You keep posting "hey guys, I will not make any effort to define this question, I will not provide a formula, I will not make an effort to learn afl and code this into Amibroker. But you forum members take your valuable time to work on answering my questions!"

It has been written on the forum many times before, YOU should make an effort and then come ask for help.

P.S. if you are interested in a "squeeze" you should perhaps consider comparing the BB squeeze to the TTM squeeze by John Carter.


@quantboy I agree 100% with every single word you wrote - except for the part of your reply in which you claim, that you are not a helpful member :slight_smile:

I have Bollinger Band AFL, Bollinger Squeeze AFL and BB squeeze breakout AFL also.
But, the problem is that BB squeeze breakout AFL is not giving the right Breakout. That is why I have posted here for AFL.

@drana Then post your BB Squeeze Breakout AFL, and show and tell us what is not working.