Bottleneck in CPU


I’ve just bought laptop cpu i7 7700hq ( 4 cores, 8 threads)

I found that cpu total usage only 30% when I optimize.

There’s only 1 thread reach 100% usage that why I can’t maximize CPU usage in amibroker.

Do you have any chance for improvement?


A must-read for starters:

In addition to what is written there, typical mistake in user’s thinking is assuming that CPU is the only factor that limits speed. It is not. In majority of cases you are limited by other factors including: RAM speed and data access (disk speed).

RAM is 10x slower than CPU and if your formula does not contain computationally intensive calculations, CPU would wait for RAM most of the time.
MA, Ref, ROC and all that stuff is NOT computationally intensive.

You can saturate CPU with computationally intensive functions such as Percentile()

Finally Laptop is the worst choice when it comes to performance. Laptop CPUs are 2x slower than their desktop counterparts and RAM in laptops is even worse. Laptops are designed for low power consumption not for performance. Also default Windows settings for laptop is to DOWNCLOCK the CPU. You would need to switch to “High performance” power plan to get max speed, but then your laptop can be used to fry eggs.

Desktop 7700K vs laptop 7700hq

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