Break of Trend Lines made easy

Thought I'd share. Been a user for a long time. Unless I'm doing it wrong, one frustration has been that to add a trendline that I can set an alert (on break) to is a lot of clicks if you are going through a number of charts. You have to add the line, click on it, move to Study ID, pick or type in an ID then save. If you are adding alerts to 50 charts let say it takes a while.

Yesterday I downloaded a product called autohotkey that allows you to create macros. I created a macro that occurs when you press ALT + X key that adds a trendline, sets a study ID to RE and also extends the line to the right. So I click on the approx area I want the line, press ALT X, then refine where I want the line to go. Today it seems to be working well.

This is the script for the macro. Note this is an autohotkey script and not amibroker code...
send ^t
MouseMove, 150, 0, 10, R
Click, 2
send {Tab 7}
send RE
send {Tab 8}
send {space}
send {tab 2}
send {Enter}

If you put it into a text file and compile it using their system you simply run the EXE you created and then whenever you want a trendline w/ that study ID you hit ALT X. Hope this helps.