Built-in Daily, Weekly and Monthly layers not showing

my “Layers Panel” is not showing built-in Daily, Weekly and Monthly layers.
I can’t find anywhere any instructions on how to turn them on.


You probably renamed layers yourself. First five layers are preset/built in. They should not be touched by the user. Now you can rename them back. So rename Custom layer -2 back to "Daily", Custom layer -1 back to "Weekly" and Custom layer 0 back to "Monthly".

Alternatively you can just delete broker.layers file and AmiBroker would rebuild the defaults on next start.

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I am facing similar issue....I have not renamed any layer.



Solution is given already in post #2 Built-in Daily, Weekly and Monthly layers not showing

Just read what is already written. People have various nonsense installed on their machines. Like crazy antiviruses that wipe their data. You did not need to edit anything if your antivirus went crazy and corrupted your data files.