Buy-and-hold stats for watchlist, (was: should be very simple)

Let’s say we have 10 tickers in a WatchList called “10 Tickers” and let’s do a Buy&Hold trade. Now all I want to get in Analysis is an optimization giving me the tickers with the best CAR/MDD. Should be simple but I can’t get the correct answer …

Any idea how I should do this ?

Why do you think you need to do backtesting or optimization at all?
To get symbols that give best return you just run exploration

AddColumn( ROC( C, 252 ), "Yearly return" );
Filter = Status("lastbarinrange");
SetSortColumns( 3 );

Thanks Tomasz. My answer is ; the Backtester/Optimizer will give me all the metrics I want without the need of programming. For instance the CAR/MDD is just there where when I follow your solution I must first calculate the CAR and MDD. Possible of course but why making things difficult that I can get in an easy way. But perhaps it’s not so easy as I think it is. So again the same question, can this be done with the Backtester/Optimizer ?

I think Tomasz has shown you an easy way, but the above links may give you an alternative method. In the CBT you can access the metrics you are looking for.


@portfoliobuilder gave you instructions and buy-and-hold code is:

Buy = 1;
Sell = 0;

@portfoliobuilder has already provided you the links you need.

I’ll just add that if you choose individual backtest and select Summary for Report you’ll get all the metrics you need in one line.

Thank you Tomasz, Larry and Portugal …